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Swim Power test at the 2014 Swimming World Championships in Doha, Qatar.

About Us


The Global Sport Technology, Inc (GST) was founded to bring the latest technologies and sport science services for athletes, coaches, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and physicians.


One of the founders of the company is Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas, aka Dr. G, who is working with elite level athletes and coaches for many years. Over the years we worked with more 100 Olympic Champions and about 150 Olympic medalists in several sports. Our unique training and recovery equipment/methods are used in physical therapy and sport medicine.

Dr. Birute Sokolovas and Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas work together to develop unique lactate testing methodology, which was used with many athletes around the world. More than 15,000 elite level athletes, including Michael Phelps, have been tested in the last 30 years.

























These services you can receive from the GST, Inc:

 Swim Power tests (swimming, triathlon, pentathlon)

 Recovery and strength training techniques (physical therapy and all sports)

 Lactate Clearance (all sports)

 Lactate Heart Rate Profile (all sports)

 Analysis of blood testing results (all sports)

 Seasonal Training Design (all sports)

 E-Coaching (endurance sports)

 Long-Term Training Design (all sports)

 Relative Endurance (all sports)

 Land Water Strength (swimming, triathlon, pentathlon)

 Clinics for coaches, athletes, physical therapists, and athletic trainers (all sports)


The GST, Inc develops and manufactures training and recovery equipment. We also developing software for training design. Please, see our Product List, Service List, and Project List for more details.

To contact us:

Phone: 719-321-6975

Fax: 719-574-0584


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Dr. Birute Sokolovas with Michael Phelps at USA Swimming Golden Goggles Awards