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The E-Coach software is based on the scientific research in long-term adaptation done by many scientists around the world, including Dr. Sokolovas studies on the rate of adaptation. These studies show that the rate of adaptation is different for females and males, for younger and older swimmers, for elite level and sub-elite level swimmers, for sprinters and distance swimmers. It also depends on many other parameters, which are included in the E-Coach software. Training plans designed by the E-Coach are based on the individual rate of adaptation. No other software in the world is more accurate than the E-Coach!

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Features of the E-Coach


One of the advantages of the E-Coach software is its ability to correspond the workload in each energy zone to the swimmerís current condition. The program evaluates the swimmerís individual performance and selects the optimum workload based on actual performance data to ensure optimal improvements during the season.


Here are some features included in the E-Coach software:


1. Enter and store an unlimited number of swimmers or groups of swimmers in the software

2. Recommendations for training based on the current times on various distance (Relative Endurance).

3. Evaluate an individual swimmerís primary distance orientation (sprint, middle distance or distance event). This is based on the swimmerís prior performances over various distances.

4. Enter and store last seasonís training data, such as workload volumes, the duration of the season, and the results.

5. Design a pre-season conditioning plan, if the swimmerís physical condition is very low prior to the start of the training season.

6. Design an optimal season for an individual athlete or a training group based on their training history. This involves inputting numerous parameters, such as the duration of the previous season, age, gender, event, number of energy categories, current condition, season ending goal, and many others.

7. Select the number of energy categories/zones the user wants utilize in training.

8. The software allows the user the flexibility to accept the recommended training volumes and percentages, or to adjust the volumes and percentages based upon the individual userís seasonal goals and training philosophies.

9. The option to use the recommended or customized recovery/competition weeks.

10. Design the seasonal progression in recommended test sets dependant on the age of the athletes and their primary event.

11. Create and store personalized test sets.

12. Select weekly/daily training templates to design the training depending on the number of weekly workouts.

13. Use a huge database of swimming in various energy categories/zones to design the workouts.

14. Create, store, and analyze an unlimited number of seasonal plans for individuals or groups of swimmers.

15. Utilize the E-Coach to communicate training plans and instructions to athletes via e-mail.

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