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Vertical Swim Trainer (VST) was developed by the Global Sport Technology, Inc and Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas, aka Dr. G, after studying swim stroke errors for more than 10,000 swimmers, including 55 Olympic Champions, 70+ Olympic medalists, and thousands of elite level swimmers. Nobody in the world studied more elite level swimmers than Dr. G and his team.

Benefits of the VST:

Swimmers are forced to keep perfect streamline body position by staying on a small balance platform.

Swimmers keep strong and rigid body muscles when exercising on the VST.

A balance platform can be adjusted for any rotation and tipping, which is important to build progression in training sets on the VTS and to develop good body position for swimming.

Swimmers are doing perfect stroke on the VST. Due to the vertical body position and a balance platform, swimmers have to pull straight toward the feet. Otherwise, they lose balance. It improves efficiency of the stroke.

Arm muscles are connected to the body muscles when exercising on the VST. When athletes keep body muscles tight, arm muscles are better connected to the body muscles, and swimmers develop more powerful stroke.

Magnetic resistance on the VST provides smooth and quiet motion from the beginning to the end of stroke. It matches perfectly with resistance in the water.

Athletes can develop strong swimming muscles by selecting any resistance on the VST from easy resistance for beginners to very high resistance for elite level swimmers.

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