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Text Box: Vibrotherapy/Vibrotraining


 Pain reduction

 Recovery from injuries, fatigue, and training

 Improvement of flexibility

 Improvement of strength and power

 Neuromuscular stimulation

Price: $3,999.00

Vibrotherapy/ Vibrotraining Machine ia a great equipment for physical therapists, athletic trainers, coaches, and athletes.


The machine can target specific muscle groups and/or body regions. The latest model of the machine has only one universal attachment, with which one can exercise in conjunction with, to increase the benefits of the exercise.


A multi-purpose Vibrotherapy/ Vibrotraining Machine can be used with a universal attachment to target specific body regions. Vibrotherapy/ Vibrotraining Machine has a frame which allows positioning it at various height and angle (see a picture above). The universal attachment and frame can access all joints, shoulders, lower and upper extremities, as well as all muscle groups.

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