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Swim Power Tests

For Swimming, Triathlon, Pentathlon

The test records the instantaneous velocity (V, m/s) and force (F, kg) 60 times/second at specific points in the stroke. Swimming velocity and force curves are synchronized with underwater video in real time. Fifty-five Olympic Champions, 70+ medalists from Olympic Games, and more than 10,000 swimmers from beginners to elite level have been using the Swim Power. This huge database of elite level swimmers provides a unique opportunity to identify your strengths and weaknesses in swimming technique relative to the world’s best swimmers.

Service List from the GST, Inc

Vibrotherapy/ Vibrotraining

Physical Therapy and All Sports

This service includes:

· Pain reduction

· Recovery from injuries, fatigue, and training

· Neuromuscular stimulation

· Improvement of flexibility

· Improvement of strength/power

Lactate Clearance

All Sports

Lactate is a by-product of the anaerobic glycolysis, which is triggered during high-intensity exercise. Lactate Clearance includes several lactate samples tested every 10 min during the recovery protocol. Lactate peak and lactate clearance help to evaluate athlete’s aerobic/anaerobic conditioning, fatigue, and nutritional needs. Based on the testing results, individual training and nutritional recommendations are provided.

Lactate Heart Rate Profile

All Sports

Lactate is designed to evaluate athlete’s aerobic/anaerobic conditioning, individual anaerobic threshold, heart rates and intensities in various energy zones, fatigue, and nutritional needs. 

Seasonal Training Design

All Sports

Seasonal Training Design consists of individual training plan to maximize athletic performances and level of fitness for people from beginners to elite level. Training plan includes customized weekly training volumes in all energy zones during the season. Training design is based on the 30+ years research on the rate of adaptation. Customized training plan selects right volumes of training for each athlete.

Analysis of Blood Testing Results

All Sports

It includes review of blood markers for nutrition, health, and performance. All blood markers are analyzed by comparing with a huge athletic database. Individual recommendations are provided for athletes training, recovery, and nutrition.


Endurance Sports (Triathlon, Swimming, Running, Cycling, etc.)

E-Coaching is a great option for athletes from beginners to elite level. Many athletes, including Olympic level are taking advantage of the unique training methodology based on the 30+ years research on the rate of adaptation. Every athlete has an individual rate of adaptation, and training have to match the rate of adaptation. Based on the rate of adaptation, an individual training plan and test set progressions are developed.

Long-Term Training Design

All Sports

Correct long-term training is crucial for high-level performances. Research shows that sensitive periods of development can’t be ignored by training youth athletes. Many physical qualities can be developed faster during the sensitive periods. For example, athletes should increase endurance training volumes when aerobic parameters (VO2 max, vital capacity, etc.) begin to grow. The same is true for many other physical qualities, such as flexibility, agility, strength, and power.

Relative Endurance

All Sports

Relative Endurance is a unique parameter, which answers important questions about your training:

· Should you increase training volumes?

· Should you increase training intensity?

· How it depends on your sport and event?

· How it depends on your training history?

Relative Endurance can be described as an ability to maintain exercise intensity with increase distance or duration of exercise. Ratios between times on various distances may be used to evaluate Relative Endurance and customize individual training.

Land Water Strength Testing

Swimming, Triathlon, Pentathlon

This test allows to evaluate swimming strength on land and in the water (pull, kick, and full body swim positions). The following questions can be answered based on the testing results:

· Should you work more on land or in the water?

· How much should you pull and kick in practices?

· How strong should you be on land and in the water to swim fast?

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Clinics for Athletes, Coaches, Athletic Trainers, and Physical Therapists

All Sports

Our staff is delivering presentations at clinics for athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, and physical therapists all over the world. Presentations are based on our research as well experience working with 100+ Olympic Champions.  We worked with our customers in more than 40 countries. Topics of our presentations include training for youth and elite level athletes, recovery, swimming technique, long-term development, use of Vibrotraining/ Vibrotherapy for rehabilitation, altitude training, strength development, and many others.